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Ready to shift your mindset to jumpstart a Healthier & More Confident version of yourself?

Join me at the
The Confidence Reloaded

5-Day Challenge
A Mindset Shift to a Healthier you
6 PM EST Nightly
May 6th - 9th
12 PM EST May 10th


The battle of the bulge is a real struggle and with Summer right around the corner, I want to help you jumpstart your weight loss journey but to do that we have to change our mindsets. 


This is the mindset Shift You Need

Until we overcome the battle of our minds, we won't be able to overcome the battle of bulge.


Alisha J.'s Inspiration

Photo taken in 2020

May 6 - 10th | 6 PM EST
  • Is your physical weight affecting your mental and spiritual well-being?

  • Are you ready to make your health a priority but you're struggling with getting started?

  • Are you looking for a group of women who will hold you accountable?

Then this is the Challenge for you!

At the Confidence Reloaded

5-Day Challenge Expect to Learn

  • Biblical Principles for Living a Healthy and Harmonious Life

  • Practical Techniques to Shift your Mindset and Propel your Journey Towards Weight Loss
  • How to Practice Self-Compassion as you Pursue Sustainable Weight Loss
  • How to Procure Simple Recipes and Workouts that Seamlessly Integrate into your Daily Routine from the Experts
Exercise Group

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Meet Alisha J.

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