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Alisha J. is a native Georgian and an entrepreneur.  She is known for her makeup brand Church Girl Makeup and has been a makeup artist for the past 8 years.  Her specialty is naturally enhancing your beauty to have you looking and feeling your best on your special day!


She is also the Founder and CEO of The Motherhood Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to help heal, support, and cultivate valuable relationships around the United States for women who have experienced heartbreaking difficulties becoming mothers.

In 2021, she launched The Church Girl Clothing Collection in hopes of providing stylish, yet church appropriate fashions for all Church Girls globally.


Alisha J. has a degree in Psychology from Emory University and was licensed as a Minister of the Gospel in December of 2020.

In all that she does, she gives glory to God because she knows that He is the giver of all things.  She believes that without faith she would not have accomplished all that she has been able to accomplish in her life.

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