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The Mind Your Own Uterus™ 

The Mind Your Own Uterus™ campaign was birthed from a poignant and eye-opening discussion amongst a panel of women on the Church Girl Reality Show in honor of Mother’s Day. While discussing fertility, a panelist suggested that people should mind their own uterus. It was recognized that there is a strong need to educate people globally on infertility awareness, particularly what not to say to women on their fertility journeys. The catchy phrase sparked more conversation which led to the campaign’s launch in June 2019. 

MYOU Campaign

Countless women suffer silently and publicly because of the words and actions of others when it comes to childbirth. This campaign is very necessary and will assist women around the world with educating others in a loving manner on what not to say to them when probing about their fertility status.

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Support Our Cause

Click here to purchase your own Mind Your Own Uterus t-shirt (available in black and white)  or click the button to donate.


Backing the MYOU Campaign

Together we can educate, empower, and enhance the lives of women globally.  Your purchase not only allows us to provide the needed support that women dealing with infertility need, but it also allows us to enlighten black women in the United States on how to obtain information about their fertility and what options are available for them to prepare to build their families.  And you get a pretty dope shirt if we do say so ourselves.

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