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Ready to stop self-sabotaging & confidently pursue your purpose?

Join me at the
Propel in Purpose Workshop
 July 11th | 7 PM EST



The Propel in Purpose Workshop

July 11th | 7 PM EST
  • Are you ready to discover & walk in your purpose?

  • Are you the person who knows your purpose, but you're unsure of how to start?

  • Are you afraid that you won't fulfill your God-given purpose?

Then the Pretty in Purpose Workshop was made for you!

At the Propel in Purpose Workshop, we will discuss 8 Steps on

  • Pursuing Purpose

  • Pinpointing what is Preventing your Progress
  • Picking Out your Personal Panache
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GET FREE ACCESS to this two-hour workshop! Learn how to ditch the traditional church girl stigma and walk in your God-given purpose without sacrificing your personal flair!

Meet Your Coach

Bio Pic with Creds

I Am Alisha J.

I am an entrepreneur, author, fertility advocate, and purpose, confidence & transformation coach. She helps women ditch the traditional church girl stigma and fully walk in her God-given purpose without sacrificing her personal flair.


I am the former host of the Church Girl Reality Online Radio Show, an international show dedicated to highlighting religious, spiritual, and societal topics impacting Christian women worldwide. I am also known for my makeup brand Church Girl Makeup, where she was a makeup artist for over 8 years.


Additionally, I am the cohost of the Journey to Motherhood Podcast with Geri Alicea and am the Founder and CEO of The Motherhood Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to help heal, support, and cultivate valuable relationships around the United States for women who have experienced heartbreaking difficulties becoming mothers.

I hold a degree in Psychology from Emory University and was licensed as a Minister of the Gospel in December 2020.

In all that I do, I give glory to God because I know that He is the giver of all things. I believe that without faith I would not have accomplished all that I have been able to accomplish in my life.

I am here to offer support and valuable resources as you navigate to discovering your life's purpose during this season in your life. My hope is that you will feel genuinely cared for and empowered by our work together.

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