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At some point in our lives, we all have created a plan of how our lives would be. We hold tight to that plan as if it is our Bible through life, and there are no options to deviate from its instructions and timeline. But what happens when the vision gets shattered by an unexpected blow called Infertility? What happens when the plans of marriage and motherhood seem to be fading away and out of reach? How can life go on without the vision created to keep you on your right path? What happens when life, as you know it, doesn't look like the life that God has in mind for you?


Walk with me as I share my story of letting go of my vision, plans, and expectations for marriage and motherhood to allow God to use my unexpected challenges with fertility for His glory. Throughout this journey, I've learned that being Unmarried Without Children will be the very thing God uses to introduce me to His plan for my life.

Unmarried Without Children

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